Text Book Retrieval

  1. WHS requires guardians/parents to pay a REFUNDABLE book deposit of R800-00 to the school to ensure that textbooks are retrievable from learners, as well as to ensure that textbooks are well looked after by the learners.


1.1.   A standard deposit of R800-00 for all grades to be paid. Gr 8 learners and all other new learners entering           the school to pay immediately on admission as an admin fee, which means the book fee has been paid.

1.2.   Should the learner leave earlier than Grade 12 and all books have been handed back, R200-00 will be               kept by the school and the balance paid to the parent.  At the end of Gr 12, book fee will be refunded,               R200-00 will be kept by the school.

2.   All learners’ books are scanned in the book shop and are scanned back at the end of the year.  All books          must have a bar code number and be stamped with WHS stamp.

3.   Parents receive a book deposit account regularly as well as a formal receipt on payment of book deposit.

4.   In the case where books have not been well looked after or lost, a fee will be charged (price obtained from        supplier) so that a new book can be purchased by the school to replace lost or stolen books.

5.    All textbooks must be covered in plastic at all times.

6.    End of Year Textbook Retrieval

6.1.  All textbooks have to be returned to the school on the day of the last examination in the particular  subject.

6.2.  During the study period from 08:00 – 09:00 at the end of the final term of each year, all teacher allocated            to invigilate are to collect the textbooks.

                        All textbooks are stored in the textbook storeroom in the Gym Hall.