Hostel Rules

While many of the rules may, for the prospective learner, appear negative and restrictive, this is not the case. Rules are in place to promote co-operation, respect for fellow learners and staff, the smooth running of the hostel, a positive study atmosphere and happy and healthy relationships between staff, prefects and learners. 

It is imperative for all Eddie East Hostel boarders to be fully acquainted with the rules of the hostel.

  1. Return Times

    1.1Between 16:00 and 19:00 on the day before school starts at the beginning of each term. No learner will be allowed into the hostel after 19:00 without special arrangement with the Hostel Manager. These times also apply to weekends.

  2. General Rules

    2.1Hostel learners are expected to maintain the buildings and the grounds of the hostel so that it is neat and tidy at all times. Damage to hostel properly is not tolerated. Any damage incurred due to negligence or violation of rules will be for the transgressor’s account.

    2.2Respect for hostel property/the possessions of other hostel learners is crucial to the smooth running of the hostel. Learners who do not respect this basic value do not belong at the Welkom High School hostel.

    2.3Respect for people renting rooms at the hostel is also important – noise levels should be kept at an acceptable level.

    2.4Soccer/ball games are not allowed on the hostel lawns; the adjacent soccer field should be used.

    2.5Sitting on the stairs at the front doors is not allowed since it creates a bad impression.

    2.6Learners should not leave the hostel or school grounds without written permission from the Hostel Manager or educator on duty.

    2.7Learners may go to town on Wednesday in school uniform; however, permission slips should be signed by the educator on duty.

    2.8Eddie East Hostel prefects are paramount in the implementation of discipline; accordingly, they should be respected.

    2.9Smoking/taking drugs/consumption of alcohol will lead to immediate cancellation of town visit on Wednesdays as well as suspension for one week. Severe cases may lead to expulsion from the hostel.

    2.10A learner found to have left the hostel/school grounds without permission will be viewed in a serious light. The hostel staff will not be held responsible for such learner/s, and parents will usually be asked to make alternative arrangements for such learners as soon as possible.

  3. Rooms and Corridors 

    3.1From Monday to Friday, the rising bell will ring at 6:00. Inspection follows at 06:45 and breakfast at 7:00.

    3.2For inspection, all beds should be made, room floors swept clean, and lockers should be tidy. All washing should be removed from the bathrooms. Dustbins should be emptied in the mornings.

    3.3Posters are not allowed on walls. Posters are permitted on cupboards but should only be attached with prestik. Sexually explicit or abusive posters are not permitted. Nothing may be written on the furniture or mirrors. Such action will lead to immediate punishment.

    3.4The use of extension leads and electrical equipment is not allowed. Only hairdryers, hot brushes and irons are permitted. Radios are allowed if they are battery operated. Music should not be heard in the passage. However, the charging of cell phones is permitted.

    3.5Learners will be held responsible for any damages to their rooms or furniture. Damages should be reported to the Matron or Hostel Manager.

    3.6Learners are not allowed to visit other bedrooms after the inspection bell has rung or if the occupants are out.

    3.7Boys are not allowed in the girls’ quarters and girls are not allowed in the boys’ quarters.

    3.8Cupboards should be locked at all times. Money and cell phones should be locked away or handed to the Hostel Manager for safe keeping. The hostel cannot be held responsible for loss of property.

    3.9Curtains should be closed after dark when lights are switched on.

    3.10Lights should be switched off when learners are in their rooms.

    3.11Shouting/screaming from rooms and in bathrooms and corridors is not allowed.

  4. Study Times and Conditions4.1Regular Term

    4.1.1Afternoon17:00 – 18:00 

    4.1.2Evening19:00 – 20:00Monday to Thursday

    4.1.3Break20:00 – 20:15 

    4.1.4Evening20:15 – 21:15 

    4.2During Examinations

    4.2.1Afternoon14:30 – 15:30 

    4.2.2Afternoon17:00 – 18:00 

    4.2.3Evening19:00 – 20:00Monday to Thursday

    4.2.4Break20:00 – 20:15 

    4.2.5Evening20:15 – 21:15 


    Grade 12 learners who are passing with at least 50 per cent are permitted to study in their rooms. Learners in lower grades who are passing with 70 per cent may study in their rooms.

  5. Meals5.1Time for meals:

    5.1.1Breakfast:07:00 - 07:15

    5.1.2Lunch :14:00 -14:30

    5.1.3Supper :18:00 – 18:30

    5.2Learners should be punctual for meals. No food will be put away out for learners without prior arrangement with the Matron.

  6. Weekends

    6.1No boarders are allowed to stay over weekends. The hostel is closed.

  7. Hostel Fees 

    7.1All boarders should pay at least half the term fees on entering the hostel at the beginning of the term. No exception to this rule is permitted. Fees should be paid on the day of arrival at the pay office at the school.

    7.2The outstanding amount should be paid by the next month. If this does not occur, the learner will be asked to leave the hostel. No extensions will be granted.

    7.3he hostel is independent; accordingly, funds are required to run it. Consequently, if a leaner is unable to pay the fees, he/she will not be allowed to stay in the hostel.

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