At Welkom High School, we have various levels of leaders and authority who have different purposes at the school.

They are as follows:


WE, the learners of WELKOM HIGH SCHOOL, acknowledge our loyalty to the school; COMMIT ourselves to the principles and practices of democratic governance; and ADOPT this constitution for all learners at the school.


  • The RCL will uphold the principles of democratic governance

  • Every learner shall be represented by the RCL.

  • No learner shall be unfairly discriminated against.

  • The RCL shall at all times conduct itself in a responsible and accountable way.’

  • The RCL shall at all times uphold the CODE OF CONDUCT.


  • The general aims of the RCL shall be to:

  • Build unity among learners at the school

  • Address the needs of learners at the school

  • Keep learners informed about events in the school and in the school community

  • Encourage good relationships within the school between learners and educators, and between learners and non-teaching staff

  • Encourage good relationships within the school between educators and parents of learners and

  • Establish , for the benefit of learners in the school, fruitful links with RCL’s in other schools and with other youth organizations.


Every year the RCL attends a leadership camp in the month of October once they are elected for their term of office. 

A new tradition at WHS is that at the beginning of the term of office an INDUCTION DINNER is held for the RCL and their parents and guardians where they enjoy a meal together but also commit themselves to the aims and goals of the RCL. 

The RCL has a community project once a year and also manages a main project so that they develop their leadership and social responsibility skills. This year they have been collecting clothes, toys, pots and pans etc. for the PHUMELELANI Charity in Bronville who look after small children. They will be revamping the School Library as the main project this year and are committed to updating the library and bringing it into the 21st century.


The Learner Cops comprise of a group of learners whose duty is to support the RCL and inform educators of potential problems to the safety and security of the learners. 

From their introduction in 2008 they have grown stronger as a group. With the support of teachers and students they are growing as potential leader who will know what is needed for a well functioning society.


Computer centre monitors are there to assist leaners who are not computer literate to collect information for tasks and assignments for their subjects. 

The main objective of Welkom High School’s Internet Café is to provide educators and learners with an opportunity to explore the Internet and experience the wonders of technology through the use of upgraded computers. 

The programme schedule is as follows: The Internet Café is open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Learners thus have the chance to use the computers and the Internet in the afternoon from 14h00 to 15h15. 

Learners may use the centre for their different learning activities; for example, class projects, debating, the School Newsletter (The Canary) and the Science Expo. 

Non-registered CAT learners should register in order to make full use of the centre’s resources. When learning resources or space is limited, first priority will be given to learners undertaking class projects and cultural activities. 

The centre is managed by dedicated educators and IT prefects whose task is to assist learners with their different projects as well as control the use of consumable items, such as toner and paper.


Welkom High School’s librarians are leaners with a passion for books. 
They keep the library organized and assist visitors to take out books.


Bookroom proctors assist learners who are in need of books and have not gotten them yet. They also assist in scanning books back at the end of the year.