The aim of this policy is to satisfy the high demands set by the curriculum in the different subjects at secondary school level and to instill healthy study and work habits in the learners of Welkom High School.  It is necessary that homework form an intergral part of the daily academic program.

 Homework that is properly planned and controlled enhances the level of the learner’s school work, as well as aiding the educators in identifying problem areas with the individual learner and the class, as a whole.

Homework is an essential  tool to consolidate and support the work done during formal class teaching.  It also helps the learner to make individual progress and involves three important stakeholders:  the learner, the parents/guardians of the learner and the educator.


 The learner:

  1. It is compulsory and non negotiable that learners at Welkom High Shool will get homework every day.

  2. A homework diary for all learners at the school is compulsory.

  3. Learners are given an ASSESSMENT PROGRAM at the beginning of the year for the whole year  Practical assessment tasks (PATS), dates  for assessment, tests, projects, examinations are given on this program.

  4. All assignments,tasks, projects for SBA must be submitted on the due date at the beginning of the particular lesson.  Penalties for late submission will be applied. This means that marks will be deducted for every day that the task is late.

  5. Late submission of SBA tasks only will be considered if a medical certificte is submitted.

  6. The copying of homework and assignments from other learners as well as plagiaris, will not be tolerated. Learners may not copy from each other, copy directly from books and the internet. These are resources for research only.

  7. No learners will be allowed to bribe educators to mark homework or accept late assignments.

The educator:

  1. Class and homework must complement each other at all times.   It is, however,  important that homework assignments are clear so that the learners know exactly what is expected from them.

  2. Homework must be regularly monitored by the educator and marked

The parent/guardian:

  1. Parents must take an interest in their child’s progress and co-operate with educators. Parents must take an interest in all assignments, projects,orals and investigations that their children bring home.  They should supervise their childrens’ homework and sign the homework diary. They should regularly check learners’ progress in tests and tasks.