The Language Policy of Welkom High School has been drawn up in accordance with the input of the parents, learners and educators and was taken up under advisement to comply with provincial and national standard and legislation.


Language may be a very contentious issue in regards to the view of mother tongue instruction and a country that has eleven official languages.  The following principles were taken into consideration when the language policy was put in place.



  • School history

  • National policy on curriculum matters

  • View of the parents

  • View of the learners

  • View of the educators

  • Multi-linguism as part of nation building

  • Physical constraints in curriculum




  1. General


  • The medium of instruction will be in English.

  • The English language will be viewed in all grades as the Home Language, sometimes called the First Language or Primary language.

  • The school will not discriminate against a learner who does not have English as a Homey Language, but parents and learners must be aware of the difficulty that the learner will have to communicate in English is not up to standard.  Parents and learners are made fully aware of these factors when enrolling a learner that has difficulty to communicate in English.

  • All official correspondence between the school and parents will be in English.

  • All communication between the role players in the school will be in English.  This is due to the school being multi-cultural, with the only common language being English.

  • Verbal communication between the educators and learners must be in English.  This is to ensure that learners and educators get enough practice in exercising their English Skills.  This however is very difficult to control and monitor and relay solely on the shoulders of the educators to set the example at all times.


  1. Curriculum


  • Grade 8 and  9, according to National policy, must have two Languages in their curriculum.  They are English Home Language and Afrikaans First Additional Language.

  • Grade 10, 11 and 12, have two languages.  English Home Language and Afrikaans Second Language.