Learner Admission

1.  Preamble


The Admission Policy of Welkom High School has been drawn up to be non-discriminatory and was taken up under advisement to comply with provincial and national standards and legislation.


Admission to a quality school will always be an emotional issue, which must be handled and managed responsibly.  The School Governing Body at Welkom High School uses the following principles to admit learners to our School.


2.  Admission criteria


  • Welkom High School has historically drawn learners from two main areas being Aurora Primary School and Welkom Preparatory School. However, a lot of primary schools in the vicinity have changed their profiles and therefore cannot be excluded. On an average of previous years’ statistics, this constitutes 75% of our enrolments. 

  • Preference would be given to learners whose parents reside closest to the School or whose parents’ work place is closest to the school.

  • Preference would also be given to learners who have brothers and/or sisters in our School. This however is only a consideration in terms of cost effectiveness to the parents.

  • We will only admit learners who are within the national age norm meaning the grade plus six years, for example:  Grade 8 + 6 = 14 years old. However, to accommodate learners that have either been kept back in a phase or that were enrolled at schools at a later age, we will accommodate learners who have the age of the grade plus seven, for example: Grade 8 + 7 = 15 years old.

  • Due to the fact that Welkom High School has a hostel, 15% of enrolments can be allocated to hostel accommodation.  This is to ensure that, being a Section 21 School, the hostel is not a burden to the finances of the School, but to manage it in such a way that it is financially independent and to ensure that departmental job opportunities are kept in place.

  • If applications do not comply with the above criteria, the learners will be put on a waiting list. 

  • On this waiting list learners who need hostel accommodation will get preference, due to the reason mentioned in point 3.

  • The School also has to cater for its own failures.  This usually constitutes about 10% of the enrolments.

  • The percentage in the above points makes up a 100% of the enrolments.  If however, applications are received that do not fall in those categories, they would be put on a waiting list and placed as space becomes available.


3.  Appeal procedure


If the School refuses a learner, the parent is entitled to appeal to the HOD, through the District Office of Education in writing.

The School Governing Body will accept the outcome of the appeal in full.


4.  Documentation


Parents/Guardians may apply for admission from the date announced by the Department, with the following documentation:


  • A copy of the learner’s Identity Document/Birth Certificate;

  • Immunisation Card;

  • Transfer Card (if applicable);

  • The latest Report Card;

  • Copy of Water & Lights Account (or any other Proof of Residential Address).

  • A copy of the ID document of the parent or guardian who enrol the learner.

  • Any other documentation required by the school as proof of legal status and or financial status.


5.  General

As required by legislation the School will and may not discriminate on grounds of religion or language.  It is however the wish of the parent body of the school that an English and Christian ethos is part of the school and its history.  The medium of instruction is English and English will be viewed in the school as the Primary Language of learners and the values, attitudes and moral preparedness will be of a Christian perspective.


The School Governing Body may from time to time amend, modify, supplement and/or alter the contents of this document.